Arthea Luce Theatre

ARTHEA Luce SRL present Theatre line. A rigorously made in Italy production with excellent flexibility that allows ARTHEA to individually answer to any requestboth in terms of design and functionality.


Arthea Luce presents new line LED Theatre


Arthea Luce presents POLARIS new brand of moving heads

The art of light

  • Supervision of installations.

    Our fixtures are designed in full compliance with all regulations and easy to install, ARTHEA S.r.l. Light is able to direct the operations of installation and provide highly qualified staff for all lighting systems.

  • Custom

    ARTHEA Luce S.r.l. manufactures any kind of fixtures also on special requests, and can modify the products already in the catalogue, even in limited editions, to adapt them to different needs.

  • Study and design and lighting technology

    ARTHEA Luce Srl. is able to study lighting systems and realize products that have lighting output and colours for any special needs. Technology and design at their best as in all our product.

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Apr 17


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May 26

Lighting in spanish museum

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Apr 15


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